Episode 4

In this fourth episode, we explore how long lasting happiness often comes with being of service, or caring. It’s our true nature. James Doty shows us how to shape our own lives and of those around us by reframing, practicing compassion, and living with an open heart.

Episode 3

In this third episode of Future Hindsight, we talk to Dr. Richard K. Betts, about how we can be meaningful stakeholders by voting and supporting political movements.

Episode 2

In this second episode of Future Hindsight, we talk to Matt Kalmans, CEO and co-founder of Applecart, a strategic political consultancy and lab.

Episode 1

In the first episode of Future Hindsight, we discover that civic engagement is a learned skill, the power of collective action, and the importance of remembering our truths and values.

Trailer Episode One

A sneak peak of the first episode of Future Hindsight — Bernard Harcourt discusses why and how civic engagement matters.

Introduction Episode

The Future Hindsight podcast launches on January 20, 2018. Join us for our premier episode where we interview Bernard Harcourt to speak about civic engagement and The Eric H. Holder Initiative.